Every day, someone takes the first step of their cancer journey. Every day a cancer patient struggles with the decision whether to pay for treatment or pay their monthly bills. Every day someone gives up hope as they face the real-life challenges of cancer. This does not have to be today’s story! With your help, we can make every day in a cancer patient’s life full of Hope! 

Are you a business owner or office interested in participating? The WFCC would like to invite you to participate in the Hope-Full Jean Days throughout 2017. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Select your participation month(s) from the calendar attached.

2. Commit to allow each employee to donate $5 for each Hope-full Jean Day Friday to WFCC.

3. Enjoy increased employee morale, advertising (social media posting by WFCC and Rocky Mountain Oncology) and that good feeling that comes from helping others in your community!

If you would like to participate, connect with us today! The available month(s) are detailed below:

___ January - Cervical Cancer Awareness Month (Teal/White)

___ March - Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month (Dark Blue)

___ May - Brain Tumor Awareness Month (Gray)

___ June - Cancer Survivor Awareness Month (Purple)

___ September - Prostate Cancer Awareness Month (Light Blue)

___ October - Breast Cancer Awareness Month (Pink)

___ November - Lung Cancer Awareness Month (White)