Country for Cancer is a tribute concert to Wyoming's cancer survivors featuring country star and award winning artist, John Michael Montgomery. The opening band this year is local Casper band, Larasee County.

John Michael Montgomery has turned an uncanny ability to relate to fans into one of country music's most storied careers. Behind the string of hit records, the roomful of awards and the critical and fan accolades that have defined his phenomenal success lies a connection that goes beyond his undeniable talent and his proven knack for picking hits. Since the days when "Life's A Dance" turned him from an unknown artist into a national star, John Michael’s rich baritone has carried that most important of assets--believability. Few artists in any genre sing with more heart than this handsome Kentucky-born artist.

Country for Cancer is an annual tribute concert for Wyoming's cancer survivors. Country for Cancer raises money for the Angels Cancer Care Program and Wyoming Foundation for Cancer Care (WFCC). 

The Angels Cancer Care Program of the WFCC serves hundreds of cancer patients every year, in addition to relieving the tremendous burden experienced by caregivers. Since 1998, they have existed through the generosity of volunteers and donations. This program has a rich history of addressing the varied concerns of cancer patients, which include offering emotional support, financial assistance, transportation, and medication retrieval. The Angels are cancer survivors, friends, family members and neighbors who provide this array of services to cancer patients and their caregivers so patients can focus on getting better.

WFCC exists to help support cancer patients with non-medical needs that arise, such as, lodging assistance, transportation, groceries, utilities and other needs. WFCC helps the community in other ways by working to provide free cancer screening events and cancer prevention education.

Tickets go on sale December 8, 2017 at

Join us in January as we honor and celebrate cancer survivors in all of Wyoming! 

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